Four Types Of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming refers to the process of removing parts of your tree's limbs, which can be done for a variety of reasons, such as reducing the risk that the tree poses to your home and other structures to eliminating dead branches and pests which may have taken up residence. However, not all tree trimming is the same: there are a few different types of tree trimming, each of which is best suited for a specific need. Read More 

Your Local Tree Service Could Be An Ideal Source Of These Things

When you need a tree trimmed or cut down, a stump removed, or even the health of a tree assessed, the right expert to call is your local tree service. The average homeowner, even if he or she has the best of intentions, isn't trained to handle such tasks — and attempting them could result in a serious injury or damage to the residence. What you might not know, however, is that your local tree service can also be a business to call when you need to buy a few things that you might otherwise think of getting elsewhere. Read More 

Tips For Successfully Pruning A Young Peach Tree For The First Time

If you planted a peach tree in your yard last year, then it is important that you prune it at the end of the winter season. A young peach tree needs to be pruned after the last frost and before the tree branches form their leaf buds. When the weather determines the time is right to prune the tree, then there are some special things you need to do to ensure that the tree grows well for many decades to come. Read More 

Benefits Of Using A Professional Stump Removal Company

For homeowners who are involved with the upkeep of their property with do-it-yourself projects, removing a stump, once a tree has been removed, might be on the list of things to do. Although removing a stump on your own can save money, in many instances, it's recommended you use the services of a professional stump removal company, like the Nelson Tree Company. Not only will the company have the property tools and equipment for the job, the person removing the stump has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to do it properly. Read More 

Tips To Protect Trees From Drought

The damage from a drought aren't nearly as visible on mature trees as it would be on grass or smaller plants. That doesn't mean that your landscape trees are unaffected, though. Often you won't notice the damage until next year, when a poor showing of leaves or flowers is produced. The following tips can help you better care for your tree during a drought so it continues to grow well for its entire life. Read More