Mulch Delivery Makes It Easier To Add Large Amounts Of Mulch To Your Landscaping Project

Mulch is an important landscaping element. It adds beauty to your yard, and it also helps control weeds and hold moisture in the soil around your plants. If you have a large yard with long plant beds, you may need a lot of mulch. Mulch delivery is a good way to get the mulch you need without having to make multiple trips to the store to load down your trunk with bags of mulch. Here's how mulch delivery works.

Choose Your Mulch

You can buy different types of mulch, but wood chips or shavings are popular. Wood is a good choice because it's natural. It decomposes and enriches the soil to help your plants stay healthy. Wood mulch is usually more affordable than other options, such as rubber, but the cost of wood mulch varies according to the species of wood.

You may want to visit the mulch center to see the various types of wood mulch so you can pick one with the texture and color you want. While you're there, you can have the center calculate how much mulch you'll need based on the length and width of the areas you want to use the mulch.

Pick the Delivery Style

You can have mulch delivered loose and placed in a pile on your driveway, or you can have it delivered in bags. If you need a lot of mulch, it may be delivered in bags on a pallet. Each type of delivery has its advantages. When mulch is loose, it's easy to work with since you can just start shoveling it into your wheelbarrow. If the mulch is in bags, it looks tidy on your driveway. Plus, you can carry the bags where you need them and space them along your plant beds for even distribution.

Know Where To Place the Delivery

Mulch is usually delivered to your driveway. The truck must be able to access your property, so make sure there are no trees in the way. Also, you'll need to keep your cars out of the way until the mulch is delivered. If you don't want your driveway blocked by mulch, consider a side yard or other area where you might have a concrete pad that the truck can reach.

If you don't have wide-open space around the front of your house, ask the mulch delivery service how much space their trucks need to maneuver so you're certain the mulch can be delivered where you want it. If the truck can't get close enough to dump loose mulch, the mulch delivery service might be able to bring bags of mulch on a pallet into your yard with a skid steer instead.