Properly Trimming An Evergreen Tree

If you have evergreen trees on your property, and they have become to look unruly as they grow upward and outward, you are likely considering trimming them so they have a more favorable appearance. Trimming evergreens not only aids in their aesthetics but also keeps them in optimal health. Here are guidelines to follow when trimming an evergreen.  Remove Dead Branches From The Tree The first step in pruning an evergreen is to determine where dead branches are located so they can be removed. Read More 

What Goes Into Your Tree Removal Estimate?

When you have tree removal done, the tree cutting estimate comes first. What goes into your tree removal estimate is a lot more than you think and can help you learn how to appreciate the service you receive. Every tree removal specialist you speak to will likely have their own quote for services that may vary from another specialist, so get a few quotes before picking the right tree removal specialist for your needs. Read More 

How Do You Know If Your Tree Has Anthracnose?

It's important to keep an eye on the trees in your yard to make sure that they're not showing any symptoms of disease. One disease that can affect your trees is anthracnose, which is caused by a fungal infection. It affects several species of common shade trees—like oak, maple, and ash—and it interferes with new growth.  Thankfully, anthracnose rarely kills established, mature trees. The fungal infection primarily affects new leaves and branches, leaving the mature ones unharmed. Read More 

When To Consider Removing Trees On Your Property And Who To Call

Old trees growing on your property can present a hazard in some situations, and determining when that becomes enough of a problem to take the tree down is sometimes challenging. A tree removal service may help assess the condition of the trees on your land and can often help you decide if they need to be cut down to reduce the risk of property damage or injury.  Old Trees Large old trees often offer a lot of shade and can be wonderful on any property, but, if they are not healthy, they can also present a hazard as they get older. Read More 

5 Tips To Prevent Drought Stress On Trees

Tree care during extended periods of dry weather can prevent drought stress. A stressed tree will begin to decline from lack of water, which will make it more susceptible to pests and disease. Your tree service can help you implement the following so your trees are able to survive the drought.  1. Remove Competition Weeds, ornamental plants, and lawn grass compete with the tree for water. Removing these plants so they aren't growing right over the root zone around the trunk can help the tree have access to the water it needs. Read More