When To Consider Removing Trees On Your Property And Who To Call

Old trees growing on your property can present a hazard in some situations, and determining when that becomes enough of a problem to take the tree down is sometimes challenging. A tree removal service may help assess the condition of the trees on your land and can often help you decide if they need to be cut down to reduce the risk of property damage or injury. 

Old Trees

Large old trees often offer a lot of shade and can be wonderful on any property, but, if they are not healthy, they can also present a hazard as they get older. A tree hanging over a home or other structure could be blown down in a storm or have weak limbs that could break and fall on the building below. 

Large trees can cause significant damage when they fall, and often the best way to avoid an issue is to have a tree removal service assess the tree, trim off limbs that are an issue, or consider taking the tree down and removing it before it falls. Not every large tree is a hazard, but if you have one you suspect may be, the tree service in your area can send an arborist to assess the tree for you, and many times the visit is free. 

The arborist will check the tree's health and determine if the root system is strong enough to support it if a major storm moves through the area. After the tree is checked, they can make a recommendation to trim the tree, remove it, or if it's healthy, leave it alone. 

Removing Older Trees

An older tree that is not healthy will often need to be removed, and the tree removal service can handle the job for you. If the tree is very large and hanging over a structure, the tree service may use a crane to support the sections of the tree as they cut them. 

The crane operator can lift each section as it is cut, swinging it away from the house or structure, then set it on the ground for crews to cut and chop for removal. The process allows the tree to come down quickly and limits potential damage to anything below it during the removal. 

Once the tree is cut and removed from the property, a stump grinder is typically used to chop the stump up and fill the hole where the tree once stood. Some tree removal services offer stump grinding services, and others will recommend someone to take care of the removal for you. In both cases, the chips from the stump will fill the hole in the ground, and new soil is added to level out the area to complete the job.

Contact a local tree removal service, such as J&L Tree Service Inc., to learn more.