When Should You Call The Tree Trimming Specialists? Find Out

Having trees in your yard comes with many incredible benefits. These trees can provide shade during the hot summer months, and some produce beautiful blossoms and fruits that increase your outdoor aesthetic appeal. However, these trees need proper care and maintenance to prevent them from posing risks to you and your loved ones. Therefore, it is good to get timely tree trimming and maintenance services to ensure you only have safe and healthy trees on your property. Here are some situations that may need professional tree trimming.

1. When Some Branches Are Broken

One of the top indicators you need tree trimming services is when some branches start breaking, bowing, or splintering. Such branches are not firmly attached to the tree and can easily break off and cause injuries. Therefore, if you don't want your loved ones or guests to be injured by broken branches, you should have them pruned. However, you may not notice all broken limbs easily. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a tree service professional to examine all your trees after strong winds or a storm.

2. When the Trees Start Overgrowing

Although a tall tree with many branches and leaves may be appealing to look at, you never want your trees to grow beyond control. So, if you notice that your tree is becoming too big or its branches are extending far and wide, call the professionals to trim the tree. Such trees can cause safety concerns, especially when close to the perimeter walls or utility lines.

It is vital to deal with an overgrowing tree early, or you may end up having to trim a large portion of it. However, cutting off large branches or big chunks from the tree is not recommended since it might stress the tree.

3. When the Tree Has Diseases

Diseases in your trees can manifest in various ways. So, if you suspect that your tree has developed a fungal infection or disease, inspect its leaves first. The first signs of disease are premature falling of the leaves and discolored leaves. On the other hand, you will see white substances or necrotic lesions on the leaves when fungus starts developing on the trees. Sometimes these infections will spread to the branches, causing them to decay. It is important to hire professionals to eliminate any infected leaves and branches to prevent the diseases and fungi from spreading. The experts will also provide proper treatment when necessary to curb future infections.

Call the tree trimming professionals immediately when you notice any of these problems with your trees. Otherwise, you will be putting yourself and your loved ones at risk when you ignore these warning signs. Therefore, look for a reputable tree trimming service to keep your trees safe and healthy.