Why Rid The Yard Of Tree Stumps?

Lawn maintenance is something you probably take seriously. You may have even cut down large trees that were becoming unruly, leaving only the stumps behind. As days pass and you start to look over at the stumps which remain, you may consider removing the stumps altogether. Still, you might wonder whether there are good reasons to pull the stumps out or whether you should just leave them. Why do stump removal?

Stumps Can Cause Sprouts

Because stumps are attached to roots that can continue to thrive, you might walk outside one day and see tiny sprouts beginning to form. The sprouts will need cutting regularly so that they don't grow too much. As these sprouts attempt to grow, they'll be getting nutrients from the soil, which can be disruptive to any other nearby plants that you'd prefer to grow instead. To avoid sprouts and maintenance, you may just want the stumps to come out.

Stumps Attract Insects

Stumps can be hot spots for insects. The wood can lure termites, ants, beetles, and other insects. You could end up with an insect infestation that you weren't expecting if your stumps are allowed to remain in the ground.

Stumps Can Be Dangerous

All different types of tree stumps can be dangerous to kids, pets, and adults. If you've cut a narrow tree down to a stump, it's possible that tripping over it--or falling because of it--could become common. Larger stumps can cause people to treat them like stools or chairs, but dealing with splinters could be a repeated occurrence. To avoid fall risks and splinters, the stumps might have to go.

Stumps Take Up Space

If you have always envisioned a beautiful garden or fountain in the yard, the stumps may take up too much space and affect the layout of the yard. You don't want to have to consider the stumps before deciding where you'll put new plants and objects. A stump removal service might be necessary to clear them out.

Stumps Might Not Be Visually Pleasing

You may have originally wanted to remove the stumps left in the yard because you just didn't think they were attractive. You might have started chastising yourself as if that wasn't a good enough reason to move the stumps. However, a yard that is visually appealing can be important for your own enjoyment of the space. What's more, should you sell the property later, a yard free from old stumps might be more attractive to those buying homes.