Why Trim Your Trees Often?

Keeping the trees in your yard properly trimmed isn't only something that you should be doing in order to keep your yard looking its best, but it is something you should be doing to prevent problems that come with overgrown trees. Read this informative article to become more aware of some of the different ways overgrown trees can cause you problems.

Pest issues

While it's true that there will always be pests taking refuge in your trees, it is also true that overgrown trees can produce more pest problems. You will be giving pests like bats, raccoons, squirrels, and starlings a lot more areas in your trees where they can make their homes. Also, you will be offering termites and wood ants more opportunities to infest the trees. Not to mention, you will also be increasing the number of spiders and other bugs that you will be inviting to be on your property when you have a tree that is not being properly cared for.

Yard issues

When you are trying to care for your yard and make it look its best, having overgrown, undermaintained trees can seriously work against your best efforts. If your thick tree isn't allowing certain parts of your lawn to get an adequate amount of sunshine, then the grass will die in that area. When you have the branches trimmed back and the tree has been properly trimmed, then enough sun will shine through to allow the grass to get adequate sunshine.

Depending on the type of trees you have in your yard, you can also end up with problems from needles or excessive leaves falling on the lawn. If not raked up right away, they can also cause the lawn to die. If you have sweet gum trees, then the spikey gum balls can fill the yard. These spikey balls can hurt if you step on them barefoot or with thin-soled shoes on.

Roof issues

There are a lot of ways overgrown trees can cause problems with your roof. Along with leaves collecting in the gutters, the branches can break and land on the roof where very heavy branches may cave the roof in. Even lighter branches can cause collapsing damage to the eaves if one falls on the edge of the eave.

Neighbor issues

If you allow the trees to become a nuisance to your neighbors, then you can find yourself having arguments with them over the overgrown branches that grow over the property line.

For more information, contact a tree trimming professional.