Using A Stump Grinding Service For Your Property’s Tree Removal Needs

Having a tree cut down will leave behind a large stump. Unfortunately, homeowners often are under the mistaken belief that tree cutting services will also handle the removal of the stump. Yet, you will likely need to hire another service for this task, and in this regard, you will have the option between having the stump pulled out of the ground or using a grinding service.

Why Should You Opt For Grinding To Remove Stumps?

Failing to have a tree stump removed can contribute to some problems for your property. The large decaying mass of wood can attract termites and other destructive pests while also being an eyesore for the property. When a large tree is pulled out of the ground, it can leave a massive hole that will need to be filled. Furthermore, it may lead to rapid changes in the erosion in the area. Grinding will avoid these issues as the stump will essentially be worn down until it is at ground level. As an additional benefit, grinding is usually the far more cost-effective option for removing a tree stump.

What Happens To The Sawdust Produced By Stump Grinding?

Over the course of grinding the stump down, large amounts of sawdust can be created. If you are concerned about this dust being spread around your property, you will not need to worry about this. A professional tree stump grinding service will have equipment that can trap the dust particles that are created by this work. At the end of this type of work, some homeowners may request to keep the sawdust and woodchips that are created by this work to use as mulch. If you are wanting to keep this debris, the tree grinding service will need to be alerted ahead of time as they may need to bring special containers or bags so that these materials can be safely stored in them.

Is It Necessary For A Homeowner To Be Present For The Stump Grinding?

Generally, homeowners will not need to be home when the contractors are grinding the tree stump. However, it is necessary to make sure that there are no gates or other obstructions blocking the contractors or their equipment from being able to reach the stump. If you have pets that are normally in the yard, they will have to be secured for their safety as the equipment used to grind stumps could cause serious injury or death to pets that get too close.

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