Four Signs You Need Tree Trimming Or Tree Removal Services

The trees in your yard are unlike any other type of plant that you could possibly plant: their large size and heavy weight means that they represent a real risk to your home and garden if they end up falling over. Understanding some of the largest warning signs associated with a tree that is no longer structurally sound can help you determine when to call a tree professional to either trim back or remove the trees in your yard.

Missing Bark

The first and easiest to spot sign that your tree may be at risk of falling over, or at the very least losing one if its limbs, is if you can spot a section of your tree that is missing a significant amount of bark. Even if the wood exposed underneath seems to be structurally sound and not cracked, you should still have an arborist inspect the area to determine if you need to prune the branch off or remove the tree entirely.

Dead Branches

One of the most common signs that indicates that a tree has begun to die or is suffering from a disease that is undermining its structural integrity is if you can spot individual branches on your tree that have died and lost their leaves, especially out of season. Dead branches are at a higher risk of falling off of the tree themselves, and if affected by pests or disease, can indicate that the rest of the tree is not far behind.


Another clear sign that your tree is at risk of falling over and causing significant damage to your home, cars and other property is if you notice that it is developing a significant lean that seems to be getting worse each week. Leaning can point to damaged or dead roots that are unable to hold the tree in the ground any longer, as well as significant wind damage which is pushing the tree over slowly but surely.


In addition to the above signs, you should also watch out for any signs of fungus growing around the base or even on the trunk of your trees. Fungi will only grow on dead matter, and their presence on your tree can indicate that the entire thing has died – or is in the process of doing so, as sometimes it can take a while for the leaves to brown and fall off. Fungi will eat away at the structure of your tree's trunk, and will make it much more likely to fall over if exposed to physical damage or strong winds.

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