Questions To Ask Before Having A Tree Removed

Getting rid of a tree that's fallen or dead in your yard is important. The last item on your to-do list should involve keeping this eyesore on your property. However, it's no secret that removing a tree can be an expense and some hassle. You can reduce both of these unwanted tasks when you make the right inquires before hiring a service provider.

What is the estimated cost of removing the tree?

You don't want any surprises that may end up putting a huge dent in your wallet. It's always important to ask about the fee for having this task completed. At least getting an estimate can allow you to feel more secure before enlisting the help of a tree removal service. Doing this will only take a bit of time but will require the company to visit your property.

How long will it take to complete this task?

Having service workers in your yard may not be high on your wish list. You'll need to move your cars and watch out for these individuals. Being able to get an estimated date on the length of time to get this job finished is a great idea and can allow you to be financially prepared.

Will you clean up afterwards?

It's not always a given that the company you choose to remove your tree will do the cleanup. This is a question you'll want to ask in advance of you may have to do this job yourself. Always inquire about what's included in the tree removal costs to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Do you have the proper licensing in place?

Of course, there are many companies that do this job on the side. While you may think it's a good idea to hire a part-time individual to get rid of your tree, this may not be the case. You'll always want to ask if any worker is licensed and bonded before hiring out for this job. This will ensure you get an expert to do the job and will have insurance in place if an accident does occur.

Getting rid of a tree that's serving no purpose in your lawn may put you in a better mood. Having a yard that looks its best can enable you to get the most enjoyment from it. Not to mention the value of your home will be greatly increased!

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