3 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready This Spring

This spring, it is time to spend a little time outside getting your yard ready for the summer. The spring is a great time to fertilize your yard, pull out and treat weeds, and put mulch around your flower beds.

1. Fertilize Your Yard

Fertilizing is the first thing that you should do this spring to get your yard ready. Fertilizing your yard will help provide your yard with the nutrients that it needs to grow at a healthy rate. By fertilizing your yard early in the spring, you will help your grass grow in nice and thick.

It is a good idea to fertilizer your yard a few times during the spring. Spread out your fertilizing by a couple of weeks to allow the fertilizer to soak into the soil and the roots of your grass before adding more fertilizer. You don't want to shock your grass with too much fertilizer all at once, so be sure to spread out the treatments.

2. Pull Out & Treat Weeds

The second thing that you are going to want to do is pull out all of the weeds that have made an appearance in your yard so far. Pulling out weeds as soon as you see them will help prevent the weeds from spreading and taking over your yard and landscaping.

You can put down treatment on your lawn that will help prevent some of the most common weeds from getting into your grass in the first place.

If you have certain areas of your landscaping where weeds always seem to be present, looking into safe herbicides that you can spray in the area. This will help permanently kill the weeds in the area.

3. Mulch Around Your Flower Beds & Trees

Finally, invest in some mulch to put around your flower beds and trees. Mulch will help keep the weeds out of your flower beds and around your trees. Mulch will also help regulate the temperature of your soil and help your soil around your flower beds, and trees retain water. This can help reduce the amount of water that your flower beds and trees need to thrive. Additionally, mulch has a really nice look to it and can help pull together your flower beds and tress and make them look more uniform.

If you want your yard to look great, it starts by taking care of it this spring. Fertilizer your yard in order to help it stay lush and green. Pull out weeds and treat any areas where weeds are common with an herbicide. Put mulch around your flower beds and trees to help with soil retention and to improve the overall appearance of your yard.

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