Want To Create A Landscape That Allows For Varied Cooking In The Kitchen? 3 Things To Grow

Being able to transition plants from the garden to food in the kitchen is both rewarding and exciting. But, there is no denying that some fruits, vegetables, and herbs serve minimal purpose in the kitchen. Spending several years trying to get an apricot or nectarine tree growing and healthy might give you tasty fruit, but you will only be able to easily incorporate these fruits into dessert dishes or turn them into fruit leather. When you are ready for a major landscaping change, you should grow the most versatile plants.


If you want to have a fruit in your backyard that will supply you with many harvests through the years, you cannot go wrong with a lemon tree. Although many citrus fruits are versatile, both in and out of the kitchen, the options are vast when it comes to using a lemon in your cooking. A few uses include preserving avocados, enhancing water with improved taste and vitamins, and tenderizing foods.

Since lemon trees are susceptible to damage from cold weather, you should let an experienced landscaper help you decide where on your property is the best place for growing such a tree. This is helpful because there are other details that you must take into consideration such as how well the soil drains around your yard.


When it comes to vegetables, you will have to continuously regrow them. So, you should be interested in creating a space in your backyard that is ideal for planting vegetables. Broccoli is used in many cuisines including American with slaw, Chinese with stir fry, and Italian with pizza. Providing this vegetable the right amount of water is essential for it to produce healthy harvests. A professional can set up the irrigation system or give you advice on a watering routine.


Although you can find many herbs that have a variety of uses in the kitchen, you should not pass up sage. Germany, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have all a rise in popularity of foods that use sage. Most of it revolves around ravioli and drinks, but this is just a small list of food possibilities. The great thing about sage is that it is easy to grow and can handle almost any climate. But, since it can be challenging to grow from the seed, you should let a landscaper help you pick the optimal location.

When you fill your landscape with these three plants, you will love what you can make in the kitchen. Talk to a landscape professional like Greatland Tree Service for more information.