4 Shrub Care Tips

Your shrubs and small trees are an important part of your landscape design. You want to keep them healthy and looking great. The following landscape maintenance tips for shrubs can help you to achieve this goal. Tip #1: Avoid bald spots Evergreen shrubs, in particular, are prone to bald spots if they aren't pruned correctly. The issue is that the shrubs become woody in the interior, typically only producing needles or leaves on new wood toward the branch tips. Read More 

Why Rid The Yard Of Tree Stumps?

Lawn maintenance is something you probably take seriously. You may have even cut down large trees that were becoming unruly, leaving only the stumps behind. As days pass and you start to look over at the stumps which remain, you may consider removing the stumps altogether. Still, you might wonder whether there are good reasons to pull the stumps out or whether you should just leave them. Why do stump removal? Read More 

Why Trim Your Trees Often?

Keeping the trees in your yard properly trimmed isn't only something that you should be doing in order to keep your yard looking its best, but it is something you should be doing to prevent problems that come with overgrown trees. Read this informative article to become more aware of some of the different ways overgrown trees can cause you problems. Pest issues While it's true that there will always be pests taking refuge in your trees, it is also true that overgrown trees can produce more pest problems. Read More 

How Trimming Your Trees Could Help Sell Your Home

Trees can make your property more valuable and improve the appearance of your land. Trees that are well maintained may even help sell your property since problem trees might turn buyers away. Here's why having your trees trimmed could be a good investment before you put your home up for sale. Trimming Reduces The Fear Of Roof Damage One thing you'll want a tree trimming company to do is remove all the branches that hang over the roof of your house. Read More 

Using A Stump Grinding Service For Your Property’s Tree Removal Needs

Having a tree cut down will leave behind a large stump. Unfortunately, homeowners often are under the mistaken belief that tree cutting services will also handle the removal of the stump. Yet, you will likely need to hire another service for this task, and in this regard, you will have the option between having the stump pulled out of the ground or using a grinding service. Why Should You Opt For Grinding To Remove Stumps? Read More