Important Facts About Tree Trimming Homeowners Need To Know

Before you take a saw and ladder out to trim your trees, you need to make sure they truly need it. Many homeowners unknowingly make mistakes when trimming their trees, some of those mistakes causing irreversible damage that impacts the good health of trees. Check out these facts about tree trimming before you start pruning and cutting back limbs and foliage. Leaves Are Vital For Your Trees To Eat When the roots of a tree pull nutrients from the soil, its leaves are actually responsible for turning those nutrients into food through the process of photosynthesis. Read More 

The Four Benefits Of Utilizing A Tree Service

If you have trees on your property, it's important that you care for them properly. Otherwise, they can become overgrown, infested with disease, and potentially cause damage to your property or a neighbor's. In order to properly care for the trees on your property, not only should you be trimming them and regularly checking for any signs of damage, but you should also hire a professional tree service. Here's the four benefits of doing this: Read More 

The Perks Of A Professional Tree Removal Service

Is there a nice, big, unappealing-looking tree sitting on your front yard? If so, this won't only hurt the curb appeal of your property, but it can put your home at risk of termites and other safety hazards. If the tree is old and is starting to lose its strength, it can tip over onto the house. To ensure you're not hurting your home's value or putting your home at risk of potential damages caused by the tree, you will want to hire a professional tree removal service. Read More 

Three Safety Tips To Practice When Using A Stump Grinder

Removing tree stumps around your property is something that you can often accomplish with the right tools and approach. Although it's best to hire a professional tree service (such as Dubois Tree & Land Management LLC) to take down any large trees and remove stumps that are particularly challenging, the average homeowner can often successfully remove smaller tree stumps to make grass cutting a breeze. If you've decided to tackle this project yourself, it's important to make your safety a priority. Read More 

Planting Trees To Save Money On Energy At Home

An awesome way to naturally protect your home from the outdoor elements is to plant a few trees in your yard. Trees make it easier to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures with minimal wear and tear on the HVAC system. Landscaping with trees can even increase your property's value by up to a whopping 20 percent once they become mature. And what's more, because your home is naturally insulated by trees, you can expect to save some money on your monthly energy bills when all is said and done. Read More