4 Reasons To Remove Your Dead Tree This Spring

Trees take a long time to die. But once dead, a tree can become an eyesore in an urban environment. Dead trees are also dangerous. If you have yet to remove a dead tree from your property, this spring is a good time to do so.

The changing of the seasons from winter to spring makes dead tree removal a more urgent priority. Here are several reasons why dead tree removal is a good idea in spring.

1. Pests may infest the tree

During the winter, the pests that seek out dead trees are inactive. This means your dead tree won't become infested with pests during a cold winter. But spring brings warm weather. The warm weather brings pests, like bees, wasps, termites, carpenter ants, and even larger pests like snakes.

If pests choose to reside in your dead tree this spring or summer, then your home could become a target for those pests. This is especially worrying if those pests are termites, since termites can cause a lot of costly damage to your home. If you remove your tree in early spring, you can ensure that it doesn't become home to pests.

2. Dead trees are a fire hazard

Summer is a high risk for fires because of the high temperatures. This is especially true if you live in an area that often becomes dry and hot during the summer months. And summer is also barbecue season. If a stray ember lands on your dead tree, your tree could go up in flames. Dead trees are dry and brittle and can spread fires if not removed.

3. Dead trees are an eyesore

Spring is the season of blooming flowers and greenery. And summer is the season when you can enjoy nature at its fullest. But if you have a dead tree standing on your property, that tree may block your view of the more beautiful details around you. Dead trees can also affect your property value, so if you plan to sell your home during the summer, spring is a good time for dead tree removal.

4. Dead trees are a safety risk in storms

Summer brings hot weather and storms. Strong winds can tear the branches from dead trees and turn those branches into deadly missiles that can harm people and property. Strong winds and heavy rain can also cause dead trees to uproot, since the root systems of dead trees no longer anchor those trees in the ground. It is best to remove dead trees in spring when the weather is still mild.

Do you have a dead tree on your property? Then consider hiring a company that deals with removing trees to remove that dead tree in spring, while the weather is mild and the pests are at a minimum.