Are There Any Good Reasons To Remove A Tree From Your Property?

Most parts of the country have strict laws prohibiting the indiscriminate removal of trees from a property. More importantly, understand that owning the property does not automatically mean you can cut a tree when you want to. As such, you should write to your local council and explain why you want to do it. The good news is that tree removal experts understand these regulations and can help you determine whether you have a good reason to remove your tree from your property. Here are the allowed reasons. 

Your Tree Is Dead or Dying

You will be allowed to remove your tree if it is dead or dying. This is because there are dangers to having a dying tree on your property. For example, it is a safety risk because the tree could fall and injure people in the home. Additionally, the tree faces the danger of uprooting in a storm. Dead trees are also an excellent nesting place for pests and large rodents. Hence, you should get immediate approval once you prove that your tree is dead or dying.

It Is Posing a Danger to People

It is also advisable to remove any trees that pose a significant danger to the people around you. Some of the risks that trees pose include branches that hang dangerously over your house, leaning trunks, rotten roots, and broken branches. You can also get permission to remove a tree with large and heavy fruits that can injure a person or cause destruction when they fall. Another common danger is the roots spreading close to the foundation of a building. Note that you should remove the tree if the roots grow toward the bottom of your swimming pool. In all these cases, relevant authorities will not have trouble approving removal.

The Trees Might Be a Fire Hazard

The experts might also recommend removing any trees that could pose a fire hazard to the home. For example, any tree whose branches are dangerously close to the power lines can cause a fire if it creates sparking. Also, trees with significantly dry branches can catch fire in case of a forest fire. So, if you can prove that a tree poses a fire hazard, the local council will permit you to remove it before the disaster strikes.

These are just a few of the circumstances where you could be allowed to remove your trees. Speak to tree removal specialists close to you to avoid going through the hassle of not getting approval for tree removal.

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