Cut Down A Lot Of Trees And Left With Stumps? How They Are Removed And Benefits Of Doing This

If you hired a tree service to cut down a lot of trees on your property, when they finish you are left with a lot of stumps in the ground. You should ask the tree service company to remove these for you. Below is information on how they do this, as well as benefits of choosing to remove the stumps.

Remove Stumps

Tree service companies remove stumps in different ways. If the tree was not large, they may dig the stumps out of the ground. In most cases, stumps are larger, however, so the contractor will generally grind the stump. 

To grind a stump, they use a grinding tool that may be handheld or connected to a truck if the stumps are very large. While grinding they will ensure all roots are destroyed. This is important as the roots will spread and a tree may start growing somewhere else on your property. If the roots are very thick and large, they may first use an axe or a chain saw to cut through them and then grind them down.

When the contractor is finished grinding the mulch there will be a lot of wood chips left over. You can use these wood chips as mulch for flower gardens, around bushes, and many other areas of your yard. If you do not want to use them the contractor will put the wood chips back into the hole along with soil to fill it in. You can also plant trees in the holes or plant grass seed over the holes. If you choose grass seed, make sure you purchase the type you have, or the new grass will stand out. 

Benefits of Removing Stumps

Stumps can look bad especially if you have a lot of them in your yard so to keep your landscaping looking nice, remove the stumps. Stumps sticking up out of the ground is also dangerous for people walking in your yard and especially children playing on the lawn. If you have a visitor that gets injured because of falling on or over a stump you may be liable to pay their medical bills and more. 

If the trees you removed had pests or diseases, removing the stumps will stop the pest or disease from spreading to other trees on your property. If you plan to sell your home, having a lot of stumps in the yard may decrease your property value. 

A stump grinding company can give you more information about removing tree stumps.