Tips For Successfully Pruning A Young Peach Tree For The First Time

If you planted a peach tree in your yard last year, then it is important that you prune it at the end of the winter season. A young peach tree needs to be pruned after the last frost and before the tree branches form their leaf buds. When the weather determines the time is right to prune the tree, then there are some special things you need to do to ensure that the tree grows well for many decades to come. To this end, here are some tips for pruning a young peach tree for the first time:

Tip: Use Sharp, Sterilized Pruning Shears

When pruning your young peach tree, it is very important that you use pruning shears that are both sharp and sterilized. Sharp pruning shear blades will cut cleanly through the tree's branches and will not tear the bark. And, by sterilizing your pruners between the trees that you trim, you can prevent tree diseases and fungus from spreading from one tree to another. You can sterilize your pruning shears by wiping down their blades with a rag dipped into bleach and water. 

Tip: Trim All of the Lower Growth Off of the Peach Tree

Since you want your new peach tree to grow big and strong, you need to encourage its trunk and upper branches to grow. To help shape and strengthen the tree, remove any small growth shoots coming off of the lower few feet of the tree. You should also remove any root suckers that come up around the tree's base.

Tip: Remove the Upper Fruitwood Shoots from the Tree

Any branches that are gray in color will not produce fruit. The fruit-producing branches on peach trees are red. You should remove any of the red shoots sticking up vertically on the tree and those on the upper branches where you do not want any fruit to grow. If you do not want a branch where you see a gray-colored branch growing, then you should remove it as well. 

Tip: Trim Middle Branches to Open Up the Tree

Finally, it is very important that your young peach tree's branches are able to breathe and get sunlight. To provide the tree with the space that it needs, you need to remove some of its center branches. Start by removing branches that are vertical to the tree's trunk and then remove any others as necessary.

For professional help, contact a local tree service.