Benefits Of Using A Professional Stump Removal Company

For homeowners who are involved with the upkeep of their property with do-it-yourself projects, removing a stump, once a tree has been removed, might be on the list of things to do. Although removing a stump on your own can save money, in many instances, it's recommended you use the services of a professional stump removal company, like the Nelson Tree Company. Not only will the company have the property tools and equipment for the job, the person removing the stump has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to do it properly.


Depending on the size of the tree stump, type of tree, condition of the stump, and the number of stumps being removed are considerations in how long, and how much, and what equipment is needed for the removal process.

With the services of a stump removal company using mechanical equipment, such as excavators, stump grinders and skid steers, less time is needed and the project is more efficient in removing both the stump and the root system than doing so by hand, on your own. A single stump from a small tree, for example, can take an hour or longer to remove manually using a chainsaw, spade, rake, ax. digging bar, and shovel.

Cost-wise, using a stump removal company can be more expensive than doing the project yourself but there are several factors that determine the price.

  • Size of the project, which includes the number of stumps to be removed, type of tree trunk(s), and condition of the trunks
  • Manpower and machinery necessary to complete the job
  • Removal, only, or the price is to include grinding of the stump and the surrounding root system

Once a stump or stumps are removed, there is a certain amount of debris remaining. When discussing the pricing of the project with the contractor, debris removal can be included in the overall cost. This is especially helpful when multiple stumps need to be hauled away.

Safety is always a consideration when doing your own home improvement projects, which includes outdoor projects. A professional stump remover knows the proper way to use both manual and mechanical equipment plus understands the importance of wearing protective gear, such as goggles, gloves, hardhat, vests, and shin protectors to eliminate bodily harm.

Whether the stump is taking up yard space, is unattractive to your landscape theme, or poses a tripping hazard, using a professional stump removal company ensures the job is done properly from start to finish.