Important Facts About Tree Trimming Homeowners Need To Know

Before you take a saw and ladder out to trim your trees, you need to make sure they truly need it. Many homeowners unknowingly make mistakes when trimming their trees, some of those mistakes causing irreversible damage that impacts the good health of trees. Check out these facts about tree trimming before you start pruning and cutting back limbs and foliage.

Leaves Are Vital For Your Trees To Eat

When the roots of a tree pull nutrients from the soil, its leaves are actually responsible for turning those nutrients into food through the process of photosynthesis. If you trim away too many leaves, a tree can starve because the roots are sending nutrients without enough leaves to process them into usable energy for healthy growth. The loss of too many leaves can cause a tree to have unbalanced nutritional system, leading to stunted growth and in some cases, death. When making choices about pruning, follow this guide for making sure you do not trim away too many leaves:

  • Younger trees should only have about 25% of their foliage cut back.
  • Middle-aged trees require only about 20% of their foliage trimmed. However, only trimming a healthy tree is advised. For example, if you trim away leaves from a tree that is trying to fight drought, you take away its supply of nutrients. The more leaves a stressed tree has, the greater the chances are it will get enough food to make through a dry season or other external issue affecting nutrient and water supplies.
  • Older trees that have been around for a long time have a greater need for more leaves to maintain healthy photosynthesis. If you want to trim an older tree in your yard, remember to only cut away about 10-15% of the foliage.

A Cut On A Tree Is An Open Wound

When you make a large, deep cut on a mature tree, it opens it up to the risk of fungi creating decay and rot, much in the same way a cut on your skin becomes at risk for bacterial infection. When you cut a large tree, small cuts. Younger trees can handle larger cuts because they are stronger and in a growth phase that will quickly heal the wound. If you wonder about the right size cuts to make, contacting a professional tree trimming service like Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc. is best to avoid causing wounds that will affect the good health of your trees.

Trees make a beautiful addition to your landscape and can help increase the value of your property. By learning more about the proper way to care for your trees, you can help them remain attractive and healthy.