5 Signs A Tree In Your Yard Should Be Removed

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard and may provide an excellent source of shade. But if a tree begins to show signs of disease or is dying, you will have to decide whether or not to have it removed. Some species of trees can survive for years before completely dying, but sometimes a tree will show symptoms that indicate that removal is the best option. If your tree has any of the following symptoms, you should consider having it removed by an experienced tree removal company:

Large Dead Branches

Small dead branches can often be pruned and trimmed to extend the life of a tree in decline, but large dead branches and limbs can be a danger to people and surrounding property, as you never know when they may eventually crack and fall off the tree. If your tree has multiple dead ranches and limbs, the best thing to do is have it removed.

Dead Branches on One Side of the Tree

If all of the dead branches and limbs are located on one side of the tree, it could potentially become lopsided and unstable. In addition to being unstable, dead branches all located on one side can indicate that there is trunk or root damage on that side that a tree cannot recover from.

Tree is Leaning

When a tree in your yard is no longer completely upright and begins to lean to one side, it is important to have it removed as quickly as possible. When a tree begins to lean to one side, it is a symptom that the roots are breaking or weakening. Failure to remove the tree can result in it falling in your yard and potentially injuring a person or damaging property.

Signs of Trunk Damage

Large vertical cracks, old wounds to the bark, and dead branch stubs are signs of decay within the trunk. This decay can lead to the trunk becoming hollow, which can make the whole tree unstable and prone to unexpectedly toppling over. You can have your tree evaluated by a professional to see if the trunk damage is bad enough to warrant having the tree removed.

Presence of Fungus

It is not uncommon for mushrooms to grow around the base of trees, but once the fungus begins growing on the tree trunk there is a problem. The presence of fungus growing on a tree typically means that the tree is rotting internally and should be removed.

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